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the tutt building in pueblo, colorado | central plaza
What is the meaning of the word kadoya 

Kadoya (pronounced KAH-DOH-YAH) is a Japanese word comprised of two parts: kado for "corner" and ya for "house" or "building". Since the historic Tutt Building is one of a few remaining flatiron buildings in the USA, it is a perfect example of a building on the corner at Central Plaza.

The Tutt Building
119 Central Plaza (formerly 421 Central Plaza)
National Register of HIstoric Places 8/18/1983, 5PE.585

Erected in 1890, the building is one of the most intact commercial structures in the downtown area with large display windows. This unusual triangular building’s twelve-inch thick walls are faced with red brick and decorative ironwork. The facade also showcases hand-crafted stonework. 

The Tutt Building by Teresa Vito

Tutt Building, January 2013

Pueblo Flood, Main & Union, Tutt Building, June 4, 1921