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louisa l. hansen

exhibition dates: december 13, 2013 to january 23, 2014
divas: beyond the ordinary
Pueblo, CO USA

Louisa Hansen 

Artist | Photographer 

Biography & Statement 

Art has been my portal of perspective on life since my early childhood days when I immersed myself in ‘paint time’ in Kindergarten. It was my escape from a world of confusion and chaos in a very large family in Oakland, California where ‘beauty’ seemed so far away and non-existent. It was not until middle school that a teacher/artist inspired me to see beyond the ordinary and to seek beauty in everything around me. This journey of discovery and survival did not happen overnight, but rather over a lifetime of experiences that have shaped my view of the world and empowered me to adapt to change. Photography has become a powerful platform on which I articulate and share my life story with the camera functioning as my lens and filter. In this digital age, I have expanded my skill set and now embrace digital art as a means of communication. The images I create are all products of my imagination, but they always begin with a photograph that captures light, color and form.

From 2005 to 2008, I managed my own portrait photography business where I learned to balance the business side of the enterprise with the artistic and creative demands of capturing the world around me through my camera lens. For over five years now I have been a member of the Southern Colorado Photography Society (SCPS) and have received the top prize in several of the photography competitions sponsored by the Society. I have also earned the distinguished ‘Photographer of the Year’ title three out of the last four years. In 2013 on behalf of SCPS, I served as a judge at the Fine Art Show at the Colorado State Fair. Other related experience includes capturing all of the photography and the graphics for ‘Full Metal Thrones’. Currently I manage the marketing graphics and serve on the Photography and Communications Committee for Steel City Art Works.