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michael strescino

exhibition dates 
december 18, 2012 to january 17, 2013
may 17 to june 13, 2013
Pueblo, CO  USA

Near the end of his teens, Michael left high school and decided to embark on a journey of a lifetime. He postponed college and a career so that he could travel the world. Over the years he has lived in the Hawaiian Islands, road the trains through Europe and spent months in Southeast Asia. He encountered people of all walks of life and developed friendships with individuals who did not share a common language with him. His experiences have helped him develop not only a love for the creative process, but also about the power and importance of craftsmanship. Most importantly he got to know himself better.

Now ten years later he is nearly  finished with college and pursuing a life in the arts.  Currently he lives in Pueblo, Colorado but he is not sure where he will end up.

Sneak Preview
December 7, 2012  | First Friday Art Walk

Artist Reception 
December 13, 2012  | 5:00 pm to 8:00 pm