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nicki hart

abstract luminance
exhibition dates: april 19 to may 16, 2013

artist reception 
april 19, 2013  | 5:30 pm to 8:30 pm
Pueblo, CO USA

Nicki is CEO/Creative Director of Multi-Designs. She works with clients on web, print, photography and new media projects specializing in complete marketing campaigns for authors. She currently works with clients all over the world. She shares design tips and tutorials through Design Like a Pro, on Youtube and Tuts+ Premium.

Hart’s digital abstracts offer a sweet release from the corporate imagery she creates every day. Her artwork consists of a variety of digital techniques, but her current series combines digital abstracts created in Photoshop with photography. She first obtains an abstract photograph, with a focus on light, and then further manipulates the photo to create her final abstract piece. Her digital abstracts are free flowing with intense light, shapes and color that emerge from a black canvas. Hart has exhibited at the Los Angeles Center for Digital Art and her piece, Tech 2007, was featured on the cover of Advanced Photoshop Magazine’s 50th issue.

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