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ron barela

preview showing at kadoya gallery
beginning tuesday, march 19, 2013
Pueblo, CO USA

My sculptures are fine artworks created to capture attention from their size, color, form or theme. Each piece is passionately and individually created. Each of my creations is a unique and original artistic expression. Metal is my preferred medium for most of my work. Metal ensures that my sculptures will last for a very long time, the color options are many and the challenge of creating from it inspires me. Color is an important option for my works since it allows my work to standout from a distance. My sculptures are for indoor or outdoor venues, gardens, atriums and public places.

I am a self taught metal sculptor who has spent more that a decade learning (and still learning) how to create metal sculptures. The metal that I use to create artwork can be new or recycled. I love the challenge of taking pieces of metal and creating beautiful works of art. The process of creating with metal involves design, layout, cutting, grinding, de-burring, bending, shaping, welding, cleaning, and adding color or a protective coating protecting it from the elements. There are also the issues of safety, installation and display options. I never wear gloves when making a sculpture, each piece must ‘feel just right’. I use a variety of metal working tools, elaborate fabrication processes, my own particular approach and style to create sculpture. 

I’ve always been an extremely creative person and before I became an artist I applied my creative talents in my gardens. My gardens and many other gardens have been a major influence in my work. Claude Monet is an inspiration since the garden is one of my favorite pastimes. I like a nice garden, but a garden with artwork raises the garden to another level of interest. Artists that have influenced me are Victor Vasarely for his optical illusion painting style, Claes Oldenburg for the larger that life sculptures of everyday objects and self taught metal sculptor Kevin Caron. 

My body of sculptural works is a collection of intricately created metal sculptures that represent the combination of my vision to create artwork that is original, of high quality, and my unique metal working processes.

Man in the Moon