Familiar Convergence | Photography by Kevin Malella & Bob Benvenuto

Familiar Convergence
Photography by Kevin Malella & Bob Benvenuto
January 15 to February 26, 2016

Black & White Photography by Kevin Malella. Color Photography by Bob Benvenuto
Row One
Solar Farm | Serious Crimes | Infinity | Afternoon on Main

Row Two
The Ramp | Our Home | 25 on 25 | Cripple Creek Mine

Row Three 
Open Space Quarry | Free Parking | Armament Bunkers | Matching Sofas

Row Four 
Two Bungalows | The Tree of Life | Uncle Jake and Gramps | Distinct Roads

The above grid is a sampling of the works in the Gallery. There are additional works by both artists and a special installation in the new KONVERGE GALLERY on the lower level featuring the constructed landscapes by Kevin Malella. 


The vast world around us is full of beauty, harmony, distinctness, dissonance, chaos, creation, destruction, and contradiction. These qualities cannot exist all at the same time in any given place, but many do. It is one of many ways our world remains diverse and can evoke emotions or states of happiness, sorrow, surprise, awe, anger, indifference, and sometimes the sublime. With Human's widespread utilization of the Earth's surface and core, the relationships between natural and unnatural components are becoming more and more complex. Human interspecies interaction has become more electronic and less personal, but also more universal, and our ability to unify across the globe is commonplace; yet one cannot help but feel a level of isolation in this techno-sociological shift.

Bob Benvenuto and Kevin Malella are committed to visualizing the odd, yet entirely familiar, relationships and juxtapositions of converging elements; noting conversations that occur when people, places, the natural, and artificial meet in time. Benvenuto's constructed images are surreal depictions of our world of appearances, seen through a veil of perceptive conjecture and contrivance. By placing environments, objects,
and people in an orchestrated context, Benvenuto evokes a personal and reflective narrative. His images are peculiar and often artificial, but they are not illusions. Similarly, yet distinct, Malella's photographs examine the harmony or dissonance of Our relationship to the land. He is interested in the marks we make, physically and psychologically, onto our planet and how those alterations shift geological, ecological, and sociological
patterns during our tenure. Malella is not only visualizing the effects of human occupancy of Earth, but also succession of nature, despite the destruction we afflict on the landscape through our careless sense of ownership. He finds solace in nature's ability to adapt and reclaim its boundaries, but warns of the time it may take to do so; it is certainly on a geologic scale, rather than a human one.

Bob Benvenuto and Kevin Malella, through their respectiveworks, are both attempting to visually articulate a conversation between our world and their audience. They pay close attention to the subtle details around us that need voice in a fragile tipping point of our culture and relations to the world, be it social or environmental. These works attempt, not in vain, but with hope, to reconcile the disquiet and calmness of our current times.
The Artists

Kevin Malella
Kevin Malella is a Colorado-based photographer and educator. He received his BFA in Photography at
Central Washington University and MFA at Columbia College Chicago. Malella is a recipient of multiple
grants, residencies, fellowships, and national awards for Photography. The JDC Fine Art Gallery, in San
Diego, and Schneider Gallery Chicago, represent his work. His photography and aesthetics are diverse in nature, but always addressing socio/political and/or
environmental concerns.

Bob Benvenuto
Bob Benvenuto was born in New York City in 1955. Benvenuto works predominantly in the medium of digital photography, but has a history that includes large scale paintings and hand printed textiles. Benvenuto attended the School of Visual Arts in New York and completed a Masters Degree in Expressive Therapies from Lesley College in Cambridge Massachusetts in 1980. He has been in group exhibits in Boston and Santa Fe, and solo shows at Colorado State University and Kadoya Gallery in Pueblo, Colorado. He has also been selected twice to exhibit in the annual Representing The West exhibit at The Sangre De Cristo Arts Center in Pueblo, as well as a featured artist on zealous.com, artistaday.com and
risunoc.com. Benvenuto’s work is in the permanent collections of Colorado State University and The
Crawford Hotel in Denver.

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