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posted Jul 19, 2013, 10:35 AM by Kadoya Gallery   [ updated Jul 19, 2013, 10:36 AM ]

Abstract paintings and mixed media drawings using rich metallic oils and vibrant colors

July 19 — August 15, 2013

Artist Reception | Friday, July 19, 2013 | 5:30 pm to 8:30 pm

PUEBLO, COLORADO, July 15, 2013 — Kadoya Gallery presents the exhibition 24K by Pueblo artist Kim Faiella-Furrh. This exhibition showcases the artist’s extensive career and features not only her signature large abstract masterworks, but also a selection of works representing many phases of her career. Her show will fill both the Upper and Lower Galleries of Kadoya Gallery.

Kim was born and raised in York, Pennsylvania though moved to the suburbs of New York City as a teenager. This mixture provided a dynamic foundation of an early appreciation of simple life and nature with street smarts and big city excitement. Her strong, positive personality and childlike curiosity of the world would follow her from New York to Europe, Asia, Africa, South America, Australia, and beyond, where she traveled, worked and made art the entire time. She now resides in Pueblo, Colorado and is the owner and founder of SAGE Art Academy, a unique art space that houses her working studio, an art school and the SAGE Gallery.

Kim received her undergraduate degree at Skidmore College and has studied at The Rhode Island School of Design and The Art Students League. Training at these top notch institutions gave her the experience of a solid education as well as an exposure to professors who were world class artists. She was taught by the best to work hard and push the limits of her work always.

Kim is a multi-medium visual artist who works with several mediums at once; she enjoys such mediums as charcoal, gouache, graphite and metal though Kim is primarily an abstract expressionist painter who loves to work in oils. Her work is sensual, bold and raw, filled with shapes rich in color and layered texture connected together by lines and areas of void which may seem unintentional but are all part of the master plan to a successful piece of art. A viewer’s eye can spend a long time in front of her artwork seeing new details and areas which are subtle and powerful at the same time. She often values the process of creating rather than the actual subject of her creations and at nearly 6 feet tall, to Kim, creating is a physical process as well as a creative process, pushing the limits of the mediums is everything.

Her work is often inspired by nature and many of her pieces are abstract landscapes though not all. She is inspired everyday by the colors she sees in the earth, the sky, aging textures in architecture, and emotions felt by the ever changing world in which she lives and has traveled though she is always brought back to the simple and beautiful colors , smells and landscapes of her Pennsylvania Dutch farm life of her youth.


Selected works from 24K will be featured in the first edition of the Kadoya Gallery Catalog which will be released in November 2013. Lavishly illustrated with more than 75 works (some never before published), the catalog highlights selected works from each exhibition at Kadoya Gallery during 2013. Advance reservations for the Catalog have begun.


Accompanying 24K is a special website section featuring a selection of images that appear in the exhibition.


An audio program accompanying the 24K exhibition features a conversation with Kim Faiella-Furrh discussing her work. It will be available free of charge as a podcast on iTunes (Kadoya Gallery) after July 18, 2013.


National Register 8/18/1983, 5PE.585

Erected in 1890, the Tutt Building is on the National Register of Historic Places. It is one of the most intact commercial structures from this time period in downtown Pueblo with large retail display windows. This unusual triangular building’s twelve-inch thick walls are faced with red brick and hand-crafted stonework.

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