It has been a magical four years here at Kadoya Gallery sharing the stories of our creatives in Pueblo and beyond. Beginning November 1, 2016 we will take a 14 month sabbatical to build an even more powerful platform for creatives to amplify the narrative of their stories. Our pledge from the outset was to avoid the predictable and now it is time to reach far and wide around the globe to bring a new level of creative genius to the 'Shores of Pueblo'. Throughout 2017 we will present select shows under the label 'kadoya pop' which will focus on pop-up shows lasting no more than three days in abandoned and/or under-utilized spaces throughout Pueblo. Our goal is to explore Pueblo Style. 

We plan to open the next generation of Kadoya Gallery to global audiences in 2018 in a new exhibition and performing arts space. Stay tuned and thanks for your amazing and heartfelt support.

Come Celebrate. This is Pueblo. Stay for a While.