theme  |  industrial

The theme is INDUSTRIAL

Through the photographer’s lens, so much beauty can be extracted from the most unusual, unexpected, or even long forgotten places. For this show, we ask photographers to turn their lens towards the industrial. One may characterize industrial as large metal structures, both new and aged, twisting and climbing their way into focus, tightly-wound steel cables, factory floors, and the heavy iron of old railroad trusses. Within the notion of the industrial, however, there is an human emotional attachment connected to the laborer and labor movement, as well. We challenge you to take this subject in any direction and focus you may feel fits the theme.

All subject matter and photographic processes are welcome.

juror  |  jason landry

Jason Landry is the Owner of Panopticon Gallery in Boston, Massachusetts. Established in 1971, Panopticon Gallery is one of the oldest fine art photography galleries in the United States specializing in contemporary, modern and vintage photography. Landry represent established and emerging photographers with a primary focus on developing and expanding their careers, connections and art network. The gallery regularly assists collectors in buying, selling and locating photographs and supports local educational institutions, regional art museums and estates.

honors | awards

For this exhibition, the juror will select up to 25 images for display in the main gallery, and up to an additional 35 to be included in the online gallery. All images will also be reproduced in an exhibition catalogue - kadoya2foto - available for purchase. A Juror’s Choice and Curator’s Choice will be announced and will both receive a free copy of the Exhibition Catalogue. The Juror's Choice will also receive a $500 USD award.

With selection for this exhibition, the artists are invited to join for the reception. In order to be included in the show, the artist is responsible for a professionally printed and framed/mounted image for gallery exhibition. Canvas mounting will not be accepted. All chosen artists will be included in the exhibition catalog, with features given to the Juror’s Choice and the Curator’s Choice, and Honorable Mention.

Eligibility: The exhibition is open to all photographers world wide, both amateur and professional. Kadoya Gallery invites photographers working in all mediums, styles and schools of thought to participate in its exhibitions.

Exhibit Prints: Additional information on printing, framing, and shipping your work is provided upon acceptance into the exhibition.

Acceptance Notice: Everyone who submits will receive an email notification of which images were accepted. Accepted images will be posted on the Kadoya Gallery’s website along with instructions for the gallery presentation.

Important Dates
  • Entries Due: June 9, 2014 [closed]
  • Notice of Acceptance: June 16, 2014
  • Accepted Works Due: July 1, 2014
  • Exhibition Dates: July 18-Aug 14, 2014
  • Artists' Reception: August 1. 2014

Entry Fees

Basic Entry Fee (Up to 3 Images) - $25.00 (USD)  
The Basic Entry Fee allows up to three (3) image submissions. 

Basic Plus One | (1) Extra Image - $30.00 (USD) 
The Basic Plus One includes four (4) image submissions. 

Basic Plus Two | (2) Extra Images - $35.00 (USD) 
The Basic Plus Two (2) includes five (5) image submissions.

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